Free at Last: 30/30

Sunday, March 13, 2011

After many long weeks of this 30 for 30 challenge, the end is finally here! I wasn't actually trying to create a cohesive look on this last one, the plan was to just try and pile on as many layers as possible, but I ended up stopping at 4 tops. I think that's enough don't you? I hope you have enjoyed this challenge! I have learned a lot and my style has definitely evolved since I started. I hope to continue posting weekly outfits for you but for now I need a break! Thank you to all of my new followers for joining in on the fun and I hope you continue to be inspired. Thanks for those of you who left me sweet birthday wishes! I have had  a wonderfully busy weekend full of celebrations.
Hat: Bianca Nygard
Glasses & Pants: Forever 21
Leopard tank: Club Monaco (Thrifted)
T-shirt: Joe Fresh
Chambray shirt: Garage
Blazer: Dynamite (Thrifted)
Boots: Guess


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4 Responses to “Free at Last: 30/30”

  1. I just bought black jeans, this is a perfect way to style them. Very cute.

  2. 30 for 30 - whew! I found it challenging as well some days, although I have realized that, at least for work, I generally have 30-ish items that I rotate on a pretty regular basis anyway.

  3. Super cute final outfit, all my fav' pieces in there: the red shirt, the leopard print and the blazer!!
    Congrats on finishing and happy belated birthday!! enjoy your freedom :)

  4. Proud of you Lee
    You did it!
    I'll miss checking in on your outfit for the day!


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