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10 items for my 2017 "To Do" List

Friday, July 7, 2017

Being the type-A personality that I am, I love making lists and planning things out. As I look back on my previous Bucket List's (2012, 2013, 2014) it's fun to see a recap of the exciting events from the year.  

Even though we are already half way through the year, I wanted to share my list with you. There's something about sharing it that makes me more motivated to get things checked off. Some are bucket list items and others are goals that I have to start a healthier, more well-rounded lifestyle.


2017 "To Do" List

1. I was finally be able to check off "Have a Baby"!

2. Go on a family vacation: We are hoping to be able to go to Calgary, Alberta in the Fall.

3. Buy our first house: We are in the process of moving into our new home! More on that coming soon.
4. Read more: I have an ever growing list of books that I have wanted to dive into, and I think I will finally get a library card and start checking off some books this year.

5. Develop and maintain an exercise routine with my husband

6. Join a mom's group

7. Find a home church

8. Learn to cook at least 5 new meals

9. Find a creative outlet

10. Live simply: I have been reflecting on this a lot lately as we pack up our house. I am looking forward to a fresh start with less "stuff" and more focus on things that really matter. I have also been thinking about how we want to raise our family and what kind of environment we can create so that our daughter has a peaceful and nurturing environment.

What are some things you have on your To Do list for this year? What have you accomplished so far? 

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