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Long Weekend Essentials

Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Canada day long weekend! Whether your heading to the beach, camping, or hanging out with friends, there's always a few essentials you'll need. Hope this weekend is a great kick off to your summer.

I'm over on True Colours blog today sharing about our trip to Australia! Go on over and check out her amazing travel blog. Warning: You will want to travel after looking through her amazing photos.

Essential 1: Boyfriend shorts
Denim Boyfriend Shorts Poppy Delevingne

Essential 2: Birkenstocks
maxi dress

Essential 3: Baseball Hat

Canada Day 2014
Rebecca from Lot 65 put together this awesome Canada day weekend must have list! 

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5 Tips for Packing your Wardrobe

Monday, June 23, 2014

We are packing up to move to our new place this weekend, so I thought I'd give you some tips on how to pack up your wardrobe efficiently.

1. Make sure you label every box!
     - Number each box and have a corresponding list for what is in every box

2. Pack your shoes in a rolling suitcase
    - pack all boots at the bottom


3. Keep your clothes on the hanger
    - Tie a rubber band around hangers and wrap in a sheet
    - Fold clothes into a large plastic tote

4. Packing jewelry
    - Keep your expensive pieces in a safe place. Make sure you know where it is at all times
    - Tightly wrap all jewelry boxes
    - Pack costume jewelry in small zipper pouches
    - Use a travel-friendly jewelry carrier with multiple compartments for dainty jewelry

5. Pack all denim together in a sturdy box
     - Denim is heavy, so keep it in a small(er) box, and make sure the bottom is taped up well!

Source: WhoWhatWear

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Travel: New York City [3]

Thursday, June 19, 2014

On our last day in New York City, we woke up and packed our bags, and headed to Starbucks for our morning coffee. We found our way to the nearest Subway station, and took the 30 minute ride down to catch the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.

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Travel: New York City [2]

Monday, June 9, 2014

We only had one full day to explore as much of New York City as possible, so our first stop on Sunday morning was the Empire State Building.

We ran into all sorts of hustlers along the way, offering us steak dinners, someone to hold our hand on the way up to 86th floor... it was quite the morning!

Empire State Building

Drinks on the most amazing rooftop bar. Palm trees and a view of the Empire State building.

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Travel: New York City sightseeing

Thursday, June 5, 2014

We spent a whirlwind weekend in New York City for my sister-in-laws bachelorette. It was two days of sight-seeing, rooftop sangria's, and EATING!
We arrived to our hotel about 1:00PM, and the first thing we did was eat lunch at the Shake Shack! The line was long and the restaurant was packed, but it was well worth it.

Times Square
The crowds were overwhelming, the billboards so colourful, and the continuous stream of yellow cabs made for an exciting visit to Times Square. Our hotel was located within steps of the square, so we were within walking distance of anything we needed (specifically Starbucks).


Rockefeller Square
I love being a tourist in a city like New York, there is so much to see! I would love to come back during Christmas time and see the square all lit up and of course see the giant Christmas tree.

Walking to Grand Central Station
We took a walk down 5th Ave. to get to Grand Central Terminal, and it was just as you would see in the movies. It's just as grand from the outside as it is the inside. The architecture and surrounding buildings are stunning.

We had the most delicious dinner at STK. If you are in the Midtown area, it's the perfect place to lounge and have a drink with friends.

Instead of overwhelming you with photos, I'll write about the rest of our trip tomorrow.
Stay tuned!

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