Brighten my day : 22/30

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I am fresh out of words for you at this moment... nothing worth chatting about has happened in the past few days. I lead a boring life, but I'm working on spicing it up a little by hopefully teaching my own kickboxing class in the future as a part-time job in the evenings. Things are looking up my friends. Pretty much the only excitement I have during the week is reading your wonderful comments, so do me a favour and drop me a line. It'll make my day that much brighter. I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful week so far. I know mine is dragging on forever, but that tends to happen when you have an exciting weekend taunting you in the distance. Hope you're enjoying my 22nd outfit!

Hat: Forever 21
Plaid shirt: Joe Fresh Style
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Converse

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13 Responses to “Brighten my day : 22/30”

  1. Oh wow girl you Are simply stunning! I love your easy chic attitude. Xxx

  2. love the casual chic-ness of this outfit! xo

  3. cute outfit once again, it looks so comfy!! I adore that hat!!!
    Hang in there, the week is over soon! You will manage :)

  4. lovely look!

    I am a new follower!

  5. beautiful outfit! I love the shape of your pants :) xxx

  6. This outfit is awesome! I love your shirt and the hat is adorbs. And how pretty is your smile?!

    You live in a very beautiful area because the background on these photos is AMAZING. :)

  7. Love this sporty outfit, great look!!!

  8. I love your style, you are so cute! :) Glad I found your blog!!

  9. love your top! so cute!

  10. I like how you dressed this up with jewelry & down with sneaks!


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