Fall Maternity Fashion: 24 weeks

Thursday, November 17, 2016

We are in the middle of Fall and I must say that I am enjoying being pregnant in a season where oversized sweaters and leggings are acceptable. Here's my weekly update for those who have been following my pregnancy journey.

How far along: 24 weeks
Size of baby: Eggplant

What am I wearing: Maternity clothes?
I've officially dug out all of my winter clothes to see what I can fit into before I make the move to buy any more maternity clothes. Things are getting tight, so I stick with maternity bottoms but have been trying to get away with non-maternity tops as long as possible. I've just been layering long tank tops under shorter shirts like this one to try and squeeze out a few more wears. 

How do I feel: Symptoms? 
Every day has been different depending on how much I try to do in a day. When I feel like I have the energy to get stuff done, I usually end up over doing it and just crash by 9pm.
I experienced my first debilitating muscle cramp this week, which was so painful. I woke up suddenly one morning when I felt my calf lock up and I had to force myself to stretch it out despite the pain. I've read that it's common but I have been trying to stay hydrated and rest to prevent it from happening again. 

Cravings: I had my first strong craving this weekend for something sweet, and since I have been trying to keep healthy food at home, we didn't have anything. So my wonderful husband made a trip to the grocery store at 8pm and brought home a cupcake and ice cream (for him). Apparently the cashier made a comment about his choices and he said it was for his pregnant wife! lol We're both taking advantage of this "free pass" while we can.

Movement: Baby's kicks are getting stronger and it's been crazy to see my stomach moving when she gets going.

Sleep: I have had a few restless nights over the past week which hasn't been fun, but I know it's only going to get worse the bigger my belly gets. *Sigh

Best moment of the week: Getting some of our nursery furniture delivered! Now to put it all together.

Outfit details:
Open cardigan: Joe Fresh | Tee: Forever 21 | Jeans: Old Navy (maternity) | Boots: Dr. Martins

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