Wedding Wednesday: The Men

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Despite the common thinking that the wedding day is all about the Bride, I think it needs to be focused more on The Couple. We can't forget about the handsome men! I love the elegance of a tuxedo, especially with a formal bowtie. We're going to look at tux rentals this weekend to find the right style for our wedding; Satin lapels? Tail coat? Cumber band? So many choices! Can't wait to see my man all spiffed up.
I love this picture!

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9 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday: The Men”

  1. Mmmm... I love seeing my man dressed up in a tux :)

  2. these boys are so cute! i love bowties - but i don't think i be able to convince randy to wear one lol

    xoxo danni

  3. Love this! My fiance is planning on wearing a bow tie too. He really wants to feel like James Bond (can't say that I blame him!). You just can't go wrong with something this classic. Good luck this weekend!


  4. Oh my! lol...I can't wait to get my guy all dressed up in a tux...I'll probably be more excited about it than him! :)

    Lindsey Soup

  5. I've always thought about what the guys would wear as well. Love the bow tie. :) You asked on my blog what my instagram name was.. I forgot to include it on my post. I updated it now, it's @misplacedsequins. :)

  6. Agreed! They look darn good in a nice tux.


  7. I agree...seeing the men all dressed up is one of the best parts! x

  8. I love that same picture that you like. xo

  9. aaahhhh what a lovely post <3

    Thank you so much for expressing your opinion on my blog <3



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