Celebrity Crush: Poppy Delevigne

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I know I am a little behind in fashion sometimes, but I couldn't miss out on featuring Poppy Delevigne as my current Celebrity Crush. She is the epitome of fashion and everything I wish I could be. She's stunning, has great legs, and killer style. Here is but a few of my favourite looks from her (it's impossible to choose).

Poppy Delevigne
Born: September 15, 1986
With her mother the head of personal shopping at Selfridges, Poppy Delevigne's keen fashion sense has always been pumping through her veins. Delevigne was born in London, England but now lives in New York, NY. She has walked the runway for designers such as Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Biba under Elite, and Storm Model Management. Even though she models for high end designers, this model doesn't take herself too seriously.
images via: Google/Poppy Delevigne/images
text via: Modelinia


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3 Responses to “Celebrity Crush: Poppy Delevigne”

  1. She looks great, I like her style! <3

  2. She's so beautiful and stylish! Thank you for sharing and inspiring me and also thank you so much for the comment on my blog! Your support means a lot to me!



  3. I hear she's LV's new muze


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