The "Married Haircut"

Thursday, January 26, 2012

You've heard the term "Mom hair". Well many women tend to grow their hair long for their wedding and then chop it after, which I will term the "Married hair". I am getting so tired of my hair, but of course I'm growing it and don't want to do anything drastic before my wedding. So I am looking for inspiration to figure out what my married hair will be...any suggestions? I feel like I need something to make me look older, yet still fun and me.
What did you do? Did you chop your hair after your wedding?
Rachel McAdams. A fringe?
 Heidi Klum
 Brittany Snow
 Julianne Hough
Or I could just try to pull of the long luscious curls in an attempt to look like Marisa Miller...
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6 Responses to “The "Married Haircut"”

  1. I am the wrong person to recommend a major chop - I tried that this summer and have hated it! But it might just work perfectly for you.

    My favourite look out of these would have to be the bangs - it'd definitely be a change but not TOO drastic.

  2. Loving the soft waves, but I think getting bangs would be a great change!

  3. Well, I love long hair, married on not, but yes, you can be more versatile on your wedding day with long hair.
    Good luck on the wedding preparations!

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    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  4. I am so growing my hair out is not growing fast enough...right after I got engaged I chopped it off...completely not thinking that I would want long hair for the wedding...I don't plan to chop my hair off for a loooong time. No married hair for me!

  5. I really like your hair! What about trying new ways to put it up or leave it down with a little bit of a curl?



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