Pregnancy: the good, the bad, and things no one tells you

Thursday, January 5, 2017

There are many books, websites and blogs that you can read to help you prepare for pregnancy, but nothing can really prepare you for what your body is about to go through.

Here is my experience of the good, the bad, and the ugly side of pregnancy;

The Good

Getting pregnant is a huge blessing and one that we were praying about for a long time. I am so thankful that I have been given the opportunity to carry a baby.

Besides our engagement/wedding, I have never experienced so much genuine love and excitement from our family and friends, and even people that I don't know well.

My skin hasn't been this clear and soft for over a year, so I have been enjoying wearing minimal makeup these days. Just enough to cover up the dark circles under my eyes!

The Bad

The unwelcomed commentary.
People suddenly feel like it is appropriate to comment on everything, whether it's my weight, the size of my belly or even how tired I look.

Aching muscles and bones that make me feel like an old lady. Before I knew that I was pregnant, I was having very sore calve muscles (which I do usually get when I am overly tired). I wore compression socks to bed, which did help, but it's definitely not something I expected throughout my pregnancy.

The things no one tells you

You've probably heard that your hair will get thicker and shinier, but you will find that hair will start sprouting all over your body! I remember admiring my growing belly one day and noticed that my belly had some excess peach fuzz growing and I've noticed more facial hair as well - thankfully I am a blonde.

Body fluids will be out of control due to higher amounts of estrogen and increase in blood flow in your body. Runny nose, excess discharge, and a lot more sweating.

You will struggle with accepting your ever-changing body.
I have been trying to remember that the end is in sight, but already at 31 weeks, I am ready to get this baby out ASAP. The weight gain has been something that I am secretly hating, and I wasn't prepared for the huge transformation that my body was about to go through. I have been generally the same weight throughout my adult years, and have always been an active person. I have not had the energy or desire to exercise for the latter part of my pregnancy, which I know hasn't helped with my self-esteem. Let's just say I will be happy once my sweet babe is in my arms instead of my belly and we can go for walks together and I can start to feel like myself again.

Christmas day belly (30 weeks)

What surprised you about pregnancy?

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