Wednesday, September 14, 2016

We are having a baby!

It was such a shock for my husband and I when we found out, but we are so excited!

One of the first questions people always ask is how did I find out I was pregnant?
I had been in a routine since we started trying to get pregnant, and calculating the days when I could take the next pregnancy test. I had had a busy weekend with family, and was not really thinking too much about it - since the result had been the same disappointment month after month. It was late Sunday afternoon and I was home alone, so I decided to take a pregnancy test (without any expectations what-so-ever!). I was beside myself when I saw those two pink lines appear... I didn't know what to think or how to react! I was so used to getting the same result, and tossing yet another pregnancy test in the trash, that second line empty. I sat on my bedroom floor and cried, then went back to the bathroom to check that the test was still positive, then just prayed and thanked God for this amazing miracle.

This is our 13 week ultrasound. I am now 15 weeks 2 days and we are looking foward to our next ultrasound (at 19 weeks) when we can find out the gender! I still can't believe this is really happening!

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