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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

An interview with Digital Nomad Ansley Sawyer

Ansley Sawyer directing, Mongolian man on a horse with a hawk in a traditional fur coat

               "It’s all about envisioning what would make you happy, figuring out what makes other people happy, and then following through until you make your own flavor of happy."

Think critically about what you are actually passionate about.
Find people whose work you admire, look at their resume or published works, and see how they spent their time to build to where they are now.

Make a long list of people you can contact. Send 5-10 emails everyday introducing yourself, and why you want to learn about what it is they do. Be selflessly interested in their work — this is your chance to learn, not your chance to plug your blog. Ask for a Skype date so you can establish a personal bond. Everyone is busy, but a surprisingly large number of people will respond if your email is genuine and stops short of being glaringly annoying or repetitive. Ask them about their process or their philosophy or their goals, not about what tech they use.

By making genuine connections with people who happen to be in the right industry, you’ll eventually get advice, connections, and a few ideas for your next steps. Work on a small portfolio of work that you could proudly present in case anyone ever asks. Be humble and accept small tasks as they start to come in. Start holding yourself to the standard that future clients would expect.
If you want to freelance online, start freelancing before you quit your day job. It might take you a while to start dependably earning money, so save at least 6 months’ worth of expenses before cutting off your revenue stream. Stay focused on the industry that you want to work in. It is better for you to not accept part-time jobs while you try to crack your desired niche. 

Things are always tough for beginners, and nothing replaces hard work. You are responsible for your own success, and you should always be reaching for more.

Jessica Peterson of Global Girl Travels

I hope this inspired you as much as it did me!


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