Wants vs. Needs

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

With a new season, comes a yearning for some fresh new things in my wardrobe. Some things are wants, but others are needs. Now distinguishing between the two of them is the tricky part! Since realizing that I am allergic to all of my wonderful warm and cozy angora sweaters, means I have to replace a few of them so that I don't continue to freeze my buns off at work. So here's a few things I have been painfully longing for since all of this cozy winter fashion has shown it's face.
Winter must-haves


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3 Responses to “Wants vs. Needs”

  1. So inspirational and chic !
    Would u like to follow each other ?


  2. I completely share the pain of being allergic to all things warm and fuzzy - it's heartbreaking for a girl who loves fashion! I love all of these non-fuzzy picks, though, especially the clutch!

  3. That toque is adorable! Maybe alpaca or cashmere sweaters would be better?


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