Friday, November 30, 2012

I hadn't done an post for a while, so here's a few snapshots from the past few weeks of my daily musings.


A day spent with family & friends│Beautiful dresses at BCBG│ThrowBackThursday; my sister's and I on a family vacation│Winter Outfit│My Christmas decorations│New striped sweater│New canvas art that finally arrived│A photo to remember our 7 months of marriage!

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  1. okay enough being so beautiful lol im jealous and i want your pretty hair. i say lets trade, you can have my curly brown hair and ill have your pretty blond hair. sounds good right? lol lovely pictures and thanks for sharing :)


  2. Thanks for the instagram post.
    I love this post. Love you too!

  3. That family photo is so sweet of you all!

  4. 7 months..whoohhoo..time is going by fast!

    <3 your tree looks like mine..I stick with red & silver too


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