A little piece of my heart

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Do you ever have those moments where there's so many thoughts and dreams and doubts going on in your head you just don't even know where to start? Well, I don't really know where to start, but today I wanted to share a little piece of my heart and what's been going on in it lately.

I have been thinking about Christmas, and what it means to me.
We have been dreaming about what our little family will look like some day.
I have been doubting my abilities and what I can accomplish.

I have thoughts of my dear Pake (grandpa) who has passed, and I wish my husband could have met him.
I have dreams for my husband to get the job he has been so patiently waiting for.
I have doubts about whether I will be able to have children some day.

I have been thinking about our future and where it will take us.
I have been dreaming about traveling the world.
I have been doubting my choices.

What are your hopes, dreams, fears about your future?

Image via {Erin Leydon Photography}


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5 Responses to “A little piece of my heart”

  1. Beautiful photo!

    We need to believe in order to move forward and reach our goals. Doubting is certainly not going to get us to our destination. Faith, believe and taking action will. Don't let doubt rule your life. Life is too precious and too short for that.

  2. Don´t doubt your choices and focus on the positive things. I´m sure everything will be okay.


  3. Hi Lee,
    My heart hurts with you, in the thoughts you are having, only one comment.."Jeremiah 29:11".
    Future is in His hands, and it's gonna be GREAT!! love you kiddo!


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