Wedding Wednesday: DIY Invitations (Part 1)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

You've heard me mention the stress of the invitations, well things are moving along and they are almost ready to be assembled. My sisters helped me cut and prepare all the paper, now we just have to print the inside and round up some friends for an assembly line. Now that I have each piece to the puzzle I am feeling a lot better.
Supply List
Black card stock: Stampin' Up
Ivory card stock: The Paper Place (we hand embossed the paper ourselves)
Ribbon: Michael's


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8 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday: DIY Invitations (Part 1)”

  1. All the very best wishes to you from Rome!

  2. Can't believe you hand embossed those yourself, they look amazing! And good for you for taking this on as a DIY project, I'm so horrible with anything crafty I'd just have to cave and get them done by someone else. They look amazing already even in the prep mode, can't wait to see everything pulled together!

    Alexandra xo

  3. Yea for things coming together, AND helpful friends and sisters! Hope your assembly line goes well :)

  4. Glad it's coming together!!!
    Can't wait to see the end result :)

  5. Can't wait to see the finished product!


  6. Wow! I love the stock you've chosen! I also think I may have to schedule a visit to the Paper Place. It looks amazing, and I totally dork out over paper.

  7. say whhhhha?! Hand-embossed the paper yourself?! That is talent!

  8. I'm so impressed that you're making your own invites - the colours look very pretty! Can't wait to see how they turn out.


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