Wedding Wednesday: Dessert

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If you've been following along with my Wedding Wednesday's you may remember this post about the cake.
Since neither of us is big on cake, we decided go to a little traditional and a lot modern, and go with a small cake topper and the rest cupcakes. I've been in touch with our baker and am actually getting excited about the possibilities. We will also be having some traditional Indian sweets and possibly a candy bar as well. The plan is to feed our guests as much sugar as possible to keep them dancing all night long! Who's excited?
The Fashionable Bride
Cotton and Crumbs

The Knot


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9 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday: Dessert”

  1. I'm a big sucker for those candy bars at weddings, I think it's such a cute idea!

    Alexandra xo

  2. my friend had gourmet cupcakes instead of cake. it was the greatest thing ever. honey lavender, cheescake, and a bunch of crazy ones i can't remember. but i'll never forget how cute it was and how amazing they tasted. (i had 3 for the record :) )

  3. If I get married I would likely go for cupcakes as well, they look so cute and are much more appealing to the guests than little strips of wedding cake.

  4. OOO these all look so amazing! I love the yellow theme in the first picture :)

  5. I always look forward to your wedding Wednesdays :)

    I originally wanted to go with cupcakes - but a three tier cake for me worked better with the birch tree theme - I love the idea of a cake topper! Can't wait to see pics

  6. OMG these cakes are WONDERFUL!!! so romantic!!!

  7. Incorporating the desserts into a wedding dessert table give a nice decor to the wedding. These can serve manageable, bite-sized treats that people could delight in, even after an evening replete with appetizers, plated dinners, and alcohol. Thanks a lot.

  8. That first picture is to die for! I would love to be snacking on that with y coffee this morning!

  9. I love the mix of cupcakes with a traditional cake. Love the first photo. And including a candy bar would be awesome.



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