Wedding Wednesday: Decisions Decisions

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Even when you think you've made a final decision, things always change.
When I had started thinking about our wedding, the idea was to have a Winter Wedding, but as you know, now we're having a Spring Wedding! The colour theme that we originally chose was a very dark purple with ivory and gold accents. With it now being the beginning of Spring, I felt like it deserved a brighter and more vibrant colour, yet still keeping ivory and gold as accent colours. So, we decided to go with these colours and still accessorize with the dark purple to create a beautiful contrast. I am excited! Other things in the works; Invitations! I can only imagine how fun it will be to DIY 100+ invitations (can you hear the sarcasm?), and it's less than 6 months away!
Sugar & Soul Photography
Bridesmaids bouquet
My bouquet
*Bouquet photos were from a friend's wedding. Official photographer unknown.


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8 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday: Decisions Decisions”

  1. Gorgeous colors! Perfect for Spring ;)

    Good luck with those invitations!

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  2. Those are awesome! Would look amazing :)

  3. I absolutely adore these perfect for a Spring wedding! And can't wait to see the invites! xo

  4. I know how you feel on the changes...something is constantly changing haha :-)

  5. Haha the invites may be a pain but Im sure they'll look great. Cant wait.

  6. you go girl, loving that bouquet and your color changes will work so well!! hang in there!


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