Wedding Wednesday: To First look or Not to First Look

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Traditions are changing and modern brides are throwing caution to the wind. One of the trends that is becoming increasingly popular is to have a "First Look" with your husband-to-be before the ceremony. It has been a long time tradition for the groom to see his bride for the first time while she is walking down the aisle, it adds that element of surprise and genuine emotion during the ceremony that will have your guests in tears. However, more and more couples are opting to see each other before hand and have that special moment in private.
I am a pretty private person and also a very emotional one, so I love the idea of a 'first look'. I want my groom to be the first person to see me on our wedding day and spend a quiet moment together before we embark on the most important day of our lives. I am not good with surprises, and seeing as our ceremony is at 4:00PM, I want to spend as much of the day with him as possible!
Here's a few beautiful first look photos to get your heart pumping and those eyes watering.

Heather Parker Photography
Aren't they just the most beautiful moments? I can't wait for our 'first look'!!
All images via Stylemepretty


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12 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday: To First look or Not to First Look”

  1. Oh my gosh, I lovvvveee wedding photos! xx

  2. A few of my friends have done this at their weddings, and they have all said how much they appreciated having a few private moments to spend together before the craziness of the ceremony and the rest of the day.

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  4. These are adorable! I don't know which I will do!

  5. aww so sweet! I've never heard of that concept... love it!! These pictures are beautiful too. xox

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  6. This is definitely the way to go -- but maybe I'm biased because it's what we did! In my opinion it made everything much more relaxed and fun. Yay! I'm loving following your wedding planning, looks like you're having a blast!

  7. I love the "First Look" trend that is happening now. I think it's a wonderful intimate moment that can be shared. I'm so excited to hear about your first look moment :)

  8. I am obsessed with of course I am doing the first look...but I recently went to a few wedding where they did not do first looks..and man the grooms face was priceless...hmmm.

  9. i think this is so sweet and so genuine. just wonderful.


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  11. One of my best friends who recently got married, had a cute first look documentation with her wedding photographer. Her (now husband) was blind folded, and she came out and unblind folded him-the pictures are soo cute and soo emotional!


    Erin @

  12. Yes! I did this just 2 months ago and here's why I love it
    1) Photos are unreal - our favourite couple photos are ALL from the first look
    2) It did NOT take away from the special-ness of walking down the aisle
    3) Much better guest experience - you can actually enjoy cocktail hour WITH your guests instead of having to duck out for 3 hours and take photos (our bridal party really appreciated this as well)


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