Summer '11 Inspiration: Double Denim

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Who doesn't love double denim? You don't? You're crazy! (but I still love you)
I hope that you all have a wonderful Thursday! You shall see my double denim remix tomorrow. See you then.

 The Daybook
With inspiration from the lovely Sydney, I've linked up for Awkward & Awesome Thursday.
~Walking into the bathroom at work and seeing your 50 year old co-worker standing over the sink with her shirt off! She said she was hot and was trying to cool herself off. Hot-flashes? I don't know, but it's not something I wish to ever walk in on again!
~Giving someone a business card and them asking if you come with it. Why do 50+ men hit on me(?)
~The first soccer game of the season. Getting a charlie horse half-way through the game and limping around like I have a stick up my butt
~The BF and I buying our first car together. Should get it next week!
~The sunny 30 degree weather we are having this week
~The first soccer game of the season!


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12 Responses to “Summer '11 Inspiration: Double Denim”

  1. Love the first pic! So pretty! Cant wait to see what you outfit looks like!

  2. Old guys always think cute blondes need a sugar daddy! Back in the day, when I worked at the mall, they were always hitting on me. Ich!! I can't wait to see your denim look tomorrow!

  3. Great pictures... and the business card comment is so cringeworthy!

  4. de très belle inspiration, j'aime beaucoup

  5. i'm yet to find the perfect denim jacket for myself, i'm still searching

  6. It's definitely time for me to do a new double-denim post!

  7. i actually love love denim on denim with a little brown! i think its genius :)

  8. I love these total denim looks but i can not wait to see yours!;)

  9. love it but not sure i can carry it off - although youve inspired me to try!!

  10. I love hearing about awkwards and awesome's : )
    Great double denim looks!

  11. Thanks for using me as an inspiration!! I feel honoured!!

    XO Charlotte


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