A Pinterest Wedding

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am one of those girls that has been dreaming about her wedding for years. I knew I wanted to marry my fiance very early in our relationship, and after waiting many years for the right time to come along, it is finally here! I have been saving pictures and ripping out articles that I like, but sometimes it can all just become a big jumble that is forgotten. Introducing Pinterest! I have been obsessed with Pinterest ever since my sister introduced me to it, and it has been a great place to organize all my ideas. Here are some of my pins, and ideas for the big day. Happy Pinning! You can check out my Boards here.
Since we are looking at a Winter Wedding, I want to create a clean, crisp look that coincides with the season. I love the fresh and simple details of this ceremony.
Since my fiance comes from an East Indian background, I want to try and incorporate ideas from his culture that add a little bit of flavour. I love the traditional Indian wedding attire and I think it would be so beautiful to wear an Indian style veil.
From reading about how to budget properly and spend money on the things you love, I know that photography is one of those things I do not want to be cheap on. I will DIY my butt off if  I have to, in order to put that money towards a fabulous photographer. How gorgeous is this photo?!
After saving many many bouquet ideas, I have come to realize that it all depends on the season. Thankfully I have the best florist in town (my mom), and a great source within the floral wholesale business to help me out. I really love the simplicity of this bouquet but still the uniqueness of each flower.
If you are local (Toronto + GTA) and are in the wedding business, feel free to contact me about your services. I need all the help I can get.


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9 Responses to “A Pinterest Wedding”

  1. i think it is so wonderful you want to incorporate your future hubby's background into the wedding! i am sure it will be flawlessly beautiful!

  2. I have been dreaming of my wedding from when I was little too! I love playing with ideas and finding new inspirations

  3. Sounds like you already have some wonderful ideas! I have seen some of the pretty images via your pinterest - so romantic and lovely! Can't wait to hear more about how all the planning goes!

  4. I love that your incorporating the Indian culture into the wedding. And I love that first picture. It is going to be just beautiful!

  5. congrats once again and I LOVE your ideas! The veil in indian style is such a phantastic idea!! Also agree with you on the photographer. Pictures are so important! Can't wait to see more inspiration!

  6. so pretty and I'm think it would be so gorgeous if you wore an Indian style veil!!

  7. ooooooooo
    so cute photossss
    i love so much wedding dressesss
    kissesss from spain


  8. I love that Indian style veil--you could totally wear that and it would be so beautiful on you!! I am a fan of the pinterest, but where on earth does the time factor play in?? help.me.


  9. i love the idea of including something from his heritage. that veil is beautiful!!!


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