Outfit: Got Attitude?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Not only did this rockin' headband and new lipstick make me feel badass, I had major attitude leftover from last night's soccer game. It was a terrible - and let's just leave it at that. I tried some Avon cosmetic's for the first time and I am quite happy with it. I got this new shade of red lipstick that I wanted to try out. I am thinking of doing red lips and nails for my wedding but wanted to see how it would look in pictures. I don't want it to look obnoxious... and I don't want my fiance to have red lipstick all over him from obsessive kissing. Hmmm, Food for thought. To Red or not to Red.
Headband: Gift from Holland 
Denim Jacket & Bangles: H&M
Dress & Glasses: Forever 21
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


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11 Responses to “Outfit: Got Attitude?”

  1. Blue is your color woman! LOVES it!

    Happy Friday!

  2. this colour of blue looks absolutely amazing on you! Fabulous!

  3. cute! have a great weekend leah

  4. You look like the total rock chick! Super cool! Loving the dress, such a great color on you!
    I would definitely go for the red nails on your wedding. I myself am planning on red details one day, but red lips might be hard. Not that it wouldn't look great, only you would need to re-touch them all the time, with food, kissing, drinking, all that talking. Just my opinion. You would need a reeeeaally great lipstick for that.

  5. blue klein is one of the trend of the summer here in spain.
    good look!

  6. love the way you rock hat headband, wish i could!


  7. You look lovely in blue. I like the red lips. What other kind of make up will you be wearing on your wedding day? I like the idea of a pale pink lipstick but that's just my personal preference. Hopefully you can find a lippy that will last all day.


  8. I love your look! :)


  9. Red lipstick makes me feel badass too! I just got the Avon Red 2000 lipstick and I feel great everytime I put it on.

    You look lovely in your blue dress too!

  10. cute! love the headband! i'm always jealous of others who can rock a headband because i cant. xx

  11. such a great post! :D love it!


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