It's a herringbone kind of day: 3/30

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm sorry if I look miserable in these pictures but it was ffffffreezing out today! I tried to smile but I felt like my lips were going to freeze to my teeth, and that just wouldn't be cute. My scarf was the only thing keeping me warm. Note to self, don't wear tights in -20 degree weather.
So on another note, I had my first wonderful  hellish experience with food poisoning yesterday and I've never felt so sick in my entire life. I'm recuperating today so I wore this outfit for a total of about... hmmm... 10 minutes. Which also explains the frizzy hair and sunglasses. (didn't really feel like putting my game face on today, sorry) Never-the-less, enjoy this sunny day!

Shades & Dress: Forever 21
Blazer: Jacob
Herringbone scarf: my Mom's store
Tights & oversized ring: H&M
Boots: Chinese Laundry


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7 Responses to “It's a herringbone kind of day: 3/30”

  1. well you look great for probably suffering in that cold! haha love your scarf.


  2. Fiercely chic;) The boots really compliment the look.

  3. You look fabulous despite the chilling temps. Hope you are feeling poisoning blows! xx

  4. Question, do you have a tripod? How are you taking these pictures? Or is the camera on the stairs off the deck?

  5. Oh gosh, just had food poisoning on sunday. I still feel a bit woozy! you look amazing, especially for these circumstances. The combination is chic, but with a rocky edge. Love the dress and sunglasses!!

  6. I think you look great, despite everything!
    My friend has food poisoning too right now! It sounds awful.
    Love your herringbone scarf, its the best pattern ever! So graphic and fun!

  7. cute blog:)



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