Yes, I have kankles: 4/30

Friday, February 4, 2011

I realize I look like I have kankles, but that's just how it has to be when you wear converse in the dead of winter. It's still freezing outstide but I beared the cold in between my nauseous stomach just for you. Yes, you.  I didn't want to look too serious in a black blazer and white tunic so I threw on one of my favourite scarves, some wooly socks and of course my touque (aka hat for you non-Canadians).  I think these are going to be my weekend staples. Nothing better than a good pair of woolies. I'm so glad it's the weekend so I can just hang out and be lazy without feeling guilty that I'm skipping work.
I tried to go without the hat...
That didn't happen. On with the hat.
Hat: Joe Fresh
Scarf & Pants: H&M
Blazer: Dynamite
Tunic: Forever 21
Socks: Walmart (construction socks)
Shoes: Converse

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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12 Responses to “Yes, I have kankles: 4/30”

  1. I love the Converse with wool socks. Converse seem to make everybody look like they have kankles. At least with wool socks it's intentional and stylish. :]

  2. Love those construction socks! They look so cute poking out above your converse! Seriously wanted to wear my converse today with no socks and ankle skimming skinny jeans... but had to pass as it is still way waaay too cold to go out without socks on. Can't wait to banish them come spring!

  3. i just came across your blog and i think it's great...your hair is amazing! that's like the prettiest blond color i have ever seen and it goes so well with the blue scarf!

  4. I don't think it looks like you have kankles! :) I am LOVING that blazer and scarf. Great outfit!

  5. I have a blazer with shoulders like that, I wore it yesterday:) This is such a fun outfit! A little dressy but still casual! Have a great weekend!

  6. Love the scarf, and that you used the term kankles.

  7. Thanks for all the kankle love! Check back Monday for Outfit 5!

  8. I really like this outfit actually, in spite of the fact you think you have "kankles" - totally made me laugh.

    I just wanted to say thanks for your absolutely lovely comment! If you are ever in Ottawa, do let me know! Or just pop by the Library of Parliament for a visit!

  9. such a great look in the snow! love this blazer as well!!

  10. Oh!
    I love your scarf!
    It has such a tropical color combo :D

  11. hahahah! you do NOT look like you have cankles! hehe - you look cute and warm :)


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