"Bare" with me: 12/30

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm sorry to shock you with my ghastly white legs. I really wanted to wear my knees highs and converse today so you'll have to look past my knees and on to the goods. The weather was unexpectedly cold today so I decided to stay inside on this one. I don't think purple knees would have matched the outfit anyway. I thought I'd pull out the school girl look for you today and also sneak in a little something extra. Did you notice my wonderful new satchel purse? It is one of my vintage finds that will be available in my Etsy shop within the next 24hrs for you to have as your very own! How exciting! I'm in need of some inspiration for the 2nd half of this challenge so I'll be rummaging through editorials and Spring photo shoots today (and probably be left longing for Spring).

 Cardigan: Costa Blanca (Thrifted)
 Plaid button up: Joe Fresh
Purse: Vintage (will soon be in my Etsy shop)
Skirt: Jacob
Shoes: Converse

On a side note, I switched out my last piece that I hadn't worn in the mix yet. I don't know why I chose 2 black skirts in the first place, so I added this grey skirt instead. I'm a rule breaker, I'm sorry. Send me your love and leave a comment with some tips, or let me know how you are doing with your 30x30!


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14 Responses to “"Bare" with me: 12/30”

  1. I really love how you use vintage and thrifted items and make them look so fresh and stylish!

  2. So cute! I searched through my old magazines for inspiration, too. It was super helpful -- I tore tons of pages from magazines and have them hanging in my closet :)

    Keep going! You're doing so well!

  3. Very cute! I love the sneakers. :)

  4. The challenge get's hard, huh!? Feeling the same. Halfway through it gets a bit difficult. Sometimes I longingly look towards all my other clothes. well, it's not that many days left! Let's fight!!

  5. Super love for this look! I'm baring the legs today too... Super scary!

  6. I love that purse!! And the glasses too...very cool :)

  7. You look super cute and were big fans of knee highs at B&B! Hope you will visit and follow : )


  8. I think the grey skirt makes the outfit! And loving the knee highs with it...xo

  9. Ahhh LOVE skirts with Converses! Real real niiice!

  10. IK like the simple outfit - and I think it's a good idea you switched one of the black skirts out, this one is cute :)

  11. Sooo cute!


  12. Okay, I love this. Too cute with the knee highs, converse, and plaid. Three of my favorite things!


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