Ditched: 8/30

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I debated whether or not to post this outfit cause I really am not a fan of how the leopard tank looks with this blue sweater, but I didn't want to leave my wonderful readers without a 30x30 post today. The sudden snowstorm made these pictures a little blurry, plus the fact that I was freezing and just wanted to get the heck off that hill! If you noticed, my boots are covered in snow, that's because at the bottom of that hill was a giant ditch! While running up the hill I sunk all the way through up to my knees. Good thing I had my knee high boots on and not my converse!
On a side note, I'm getting excited for Valentine's Day! Since I only see my bf on the weekend, we are 'celebrating' on Saturday. We're going skiing! Yay, I can't wait to be a snow bunny for a day. There's only one problem, I have no idea what to wear!? Any advice on what to wear for a day on the slopes?

Hat, Sweater & Pants: Forever 21
Leopard print tank: Club Monaco (Thrifted)
Boots: Chinese Laundry


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10 Responses to “Ditched: 8/30”

  1. Wowza! Your eyes are super gorgeous!!!

  2. Cute tank! I always used to pair animal print with red. Well, just in my head because I don't have any. But, I'm seeing it with different colors and it all works. Your combo works nicely!
    Come link up on Friday! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  3. The animal print with the blue looks great! Lucky you didn't scrap this outfit. As for the slopes; just go have fun and don't worry about what you look for. When you're skiing, that's just one of those times when comfort over fashion is the rule!!

  4. Love the leopard with it...add that perfect pop of color! xo

  5. gorgeous outfit, you look great and so so so jealous you have snow!


  6. Love the snow in the pictures!

  7. you came totally prepared for the snow and you look cute double whammy :)

  8. I also love mixing leopard with a bright color.. and blue looks great on you!!

  9. you have really gorgeous eyes. just sayin.


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