Bicycle fashion

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I was reading an article in the paper recently about Bicycle Fashion. Forget the 6-speed mountain bike, pull out your mother's old school bike and take it for a ride down the city streets in your favourite dress.
It's all about looking pretty and elegant. The ever growing eco friendly craze is re-enforcing the bicycle trend as well. We are seeing some fun accessories and styles such as the head scarf (or hats for winter), backpack purses, and strappy sandals - who knew you could be so stylish riding a bike?

H&M advertisement is the epitome of great summer style for bicycle fashion. The jumpsuit & head scarf are perfect for a bike ride.

Dresses and flats are a cute way to pass by on your way to work.

Summer or Winter

The bicycle trend is creating a new trend with purses. The over-the-shoulder and backpack purses are becoming very popular to accommodate every woman.

Famous model, Agnes Deyn

Vogue editorial

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