Megan's a FOX!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Actress: Megan Fox
I recently watched the Rihanna/ Eminem video, "Love the way you Lie" featuring Megan Fox.
Let me tell you, she's a pure badass! She reminds me of a mix between a young Angelina Jolie & Dita von Teese.
What do you think?

She's one of those people who loves attention and doesn't care how she gets it. The quotation on this picture says it all, "Every time I get another tattoo, It's like a little F-you to anyone who told me not to."

She can also be super relaxed and casual which I like. In my opinion, she looks better when she's not baring it all.

I love these photos for Nylon magazine. I love that fun funky style.

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