Spring Capsule Closet

Thursday, June 22, 2017

I know I'm a little late on posting this, because it's officially summer, however, I still wanted to share some of the outfits that I wore from my Spring Capsule Closet. 

At the beginning of each season I try to start with approximately 30 pieces, though through process of elimination and purchasing a few new items, I usually end up with a totally different wardrobe by the end. I am constantly evaluating my clothes so that it reflects who I want to be and how I want that represented in my clothing. Obviously becoming a mother has had a drastic affect on the way I dress, since the rules of dressing are totally different than when I worked a 9-5 job.

Here's some of my Spring 2017 Looks.
Note: Some pieces I have already gotten rid of since taking these photos since I realized I didn't like how they fit or just weren't that flattering on me anymore. (hello 30 year old post-baby body)

New purchase of the season: Boyfriend jeans 

High-waisted Dark wash jeans

Light wash Super-skinny jeans (seen here)

Relaxed fit dark wash jeans

Striped ankle jeans

Black dress pant

"New" thrifted purchase for the season: Jersey patterned dress (seen here)

After trying out different version of the "capsule closet", I have found what works for me.
Here's the breakdown.
spring capsule closet

Shop these pieces here:

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