Vantage Events: Winery E-session

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I shared a little sneak peak of this e-session with you, but the amazing Heidi of Ribbons & Twine Photography was so quick with the edits that I am sharing a few of these beautiful shots with you today! Now that's commitment! Heidi is so talented and I feel honoured to have had the chance to work with her, and am looking forward to Priya & Ryan's upcoming wedding!

All images credited to Ribbons & Twine Photography


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6 Responses to “Vantage Events: Winery E-session”

  1. the shoot turned out so well! the photos are gorgeous. good work lovely xo

  2. wow, wonderful shoot and great decorating work! I love the location and the photo composition. Well done!!!!

  3. Yes, they are beautiful. Thanks girl!

  4. These pictures are absolutely stunning!
    xo TJ

  5. Oh my goodness....adorable!!! What great the one of her standing on the books..<3 so much love!


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