Dreamy kitchens, tufted couches, and throw pillows

Friday, November 11, 2011

I recently found these two sites and am totally in love with the aesthetic and design of both these designers. Since the hubs and I are seriously thinking about our first place together, I can't stop gathering inspiration and dreaming about our first home. It made me think back to this post I read a while back about throw pillows, something I would never have thought to be an issue. Apparently men just don't understand.

"A day into our new life at home after the honeymoon we decided to go shopping and use some of the gift cards we received. After getting essentials like cutting boards and laundry baskets I steered toward the throw pillow section:
Me: Howie I’m just going to pick up some more throw pillows for the couch.
Howie: The couch already has cushions.
Me: Built in couch cushions are not throw pillows. I’m just going to get a few.
Howie: $100 on pillows? I could buy 6 pairs of pants for that!
Me: I really hope you’re joking. Pants that cheap should not be worn.
Howie: There are so many other things we should spend $100 on.
Me: Howie we need these pillows. Trust me.
(Howie rolling eyes, shaking head)
Me: Oh what-EVER I’ll just get this ONE pillow then. But you can’t use it.
Howie: I didn’t say you couldn’t get them.
The next day I arrived home with three new pillows. Howie tried to tell me the blue one didn’t match anything. I told him it matches our second bedroom. He didn’t understand why a living room pillow had to match a colour in a secondary bedroom. Men."
To hear more of these hilarious stories, check out her blog at Life as Modern Wife.


Do you notice all the throw pillows? I think I'm in trouble.


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14 Responses to “Dreamy kitchens, tufted couches, and throw pillows”

  1. mmmmm LOVE these kitchens...interiors...throw pillows! lol

  2. Wow all of these look awesome...it really makes you wanna decorate haha

  3. Throw pillows are not just gorgeous they are necessary ;) Loving the design in these photos, so homey!

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  4. I'll take any of these rooms! LOVE them!

    xo chanel

  5. We have similar taste in white kitchens!


  6. Aww that is BEAUTIFUL! And yes I did notice the throw pillows - just divine!!

  7. love the house! and the kitchens are like living in!

  8. Gahhhhh! House love! I need my own house so that I can somehow make it look like that!

  9. love the first kitchen...I just pinned it!! Fab. xo

  10. SUCH a cute post! We think the decor is really fantastic! Love it.

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.



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