Wedding Wednesday: Gift Registry

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ever thought about what it would be like to go out and pick whatever you want in a huge store, and then have someone else buy it for you? Sounds like a dream come true right? WRONG! Doing our gift registry at multiple stores has turned into a heck of a time. My fiance doesn't have the patience to walk around for hours picking out towels and spatula's, so it usually ends up with him finding the comfiest bed or chair in the store. Last time it was a full body massage chair...which he thought we should put on the registry.
Surprisingly, some of the items we had the hardest time choosing were the coffee pot and kettle. Who knew there were 10 different types of each? It's something we know will be used often and wanted to make sure we picked one that would best suit our needs. Hello coffee pot timer.

We didn't realize how expensive some items can be, and had a hard time justifying putting these items on our registry. Knife sets and blender are ridiculous. Although the Kitchenaid one I chose is a beaut!

My advice for your gift registry would be to make a detailed list that you can make notes on. You can find a guideline on any wedding website and decide between you and your fiance what you really need or want. Set aside a full day to register so you aren't feeling rushed, or go multiple times for a few hours to break it up a little. It can be stressful, long and boring, but try to have fun with it. Good luck! Got any wedding registry stories?


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9 Responses to “Wedding Wednesday: Gift Registry”

  1. Some things are so expensive it's ridiculous! It is fun picking stuff out though!

  2. Ha ha! Looks like a ton of fun! so jealous!

  3. I thought wedding registry days were the best days ever. Can't decide between two coffee pots? Register for both! Let the people decide what you deserve. Ok, maybe not. But we made the mistake of registering for JR mints, I think we were testing the scanner thing, and ended up getting and entire wicker basket full of them. Gross.

  4. We have our appt. to bed bath and beyond this saturday morning before the store opens...I am totally dreading registering..hahaha

  5. i'd say register for expesive items like knives and the kitchenaid anyway...friends may want to go together and get you something!

  6. I like his idea of the massage chair! HAHA-I have been picking out ridiculous things for my future registry ;) Just an FYI-Bed, Bath, and Beyond has beautiful Kate Spade plates, bowls, and flatware! (if you're into that kind of stuff) and it's not super outrageous!


    Erin @

  7. oooh the registry isn't that easy to get through. good luck little lady.
    and i loved the post on maternity. all the ladies look incredible no matter what their style. it's a beautiful thing.

  8. Ah this is bringing back memories! My husband knows I am a bit obsessive when it comes to our home, so he was nice enough to let me do the picking (as long as I included a few of his requests).
    Have fun with it!

    Hope you're having a lovely week!

  9. How fun!! I had a blast doing my baby shower registry and I can't wait until my wedding day. Love the photo! I say why choose both.



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