What to do with Leather

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello friends, I hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful week so far. I recently purchased a beautiful vintage leather skirt, and I want to wear it before the summer starts and before it gets too hot. Since I have been seeing leather skirts around the blogosphere so much over the past few months, I thought I'd draw some inspiration from these very fashionable ladies. 
Kristen Cavallari
Andy of Style Scrapbook
Jesse of The Concrete Catwalk
Morven of Cats and Rocking Chairs
Song of Style blog
How would you style a leather skirt?

Awkward & Awesome Thursday 
~ Dropping off your dry cleaning and getting hit on by an old man who barely speaks English
~ Your grade 8 boyfriend/person you thought you were going to marry, meeting the current love of your life and having a 20 minute long conversation with one another
~ A co-worker telling you that you weigh the same as his left leg...

~ The fact that it's FRIDAY tomorrow, which means ... the weekend!
~ Sunny Spring weather that is hopefully here to stay
~ Paying off a loan and seeing $0.00 owing!


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6 Responses to “What to do with Leather”

  1. I love the leather skirts! Have been thinking about buying one, but not sure if it is the style for me.

    Uh, that boyfriend meeting old flame of yours is one weird meeting!

  2. loving the way these ladies rock the leather skirt


  3. These are really inspirational! Yay for the weekend!

  4. Nothing better than a leather skirt! Loving Kristin's look...xo

  5. Love how classic, chic & feminine it looks on Kristen Cavallari!


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