Summer Inspiration '12: Denim shorts

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This summer is all about denim shorts, messy hair, and baseball tees. I am done with trying to maintain a 'perfect' look, and am more than happy to embrace a more carefree spirit. I love the casual look that summer allows for, and want to follow that through with all of my outfit choices from here on. Things are about to get down right grungy up in here! Stay tuned.



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11 Responses to “Summer Inspiration '12: Denim shorts”

  1. Denim shorts are a staple in the summer! I'm a new follower :)

    The Tiny Heart
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  2. Lovely inspo. I love the first photo!

    - Victoria

  3. They all have the longest legs! Inspiration and thin-spiration!
    :) love your blog now following! Ciaoooo!

  4. oh i so very much love that denim shorts are in. i've worn them all summer!

  5. Loveee these pics! Love denim cut offs for summer :)

    Be Frassy

  6. I lovee this shot of Erin here ...stunning..nice blog xx

  7. nnice. i flip between posh and grungy haha

  8. I wish I looked this good in shorts haha :)!

    Loving your blog!

    Oh and my GFC is being weird, but it let me follow you through my twitter account, did you know you could do that?! I didnt! Cool :)

  9. Great photos! So cute!


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