A Reflection

Monday, May 14, 2012

I have been married for 2 weeks already, and it's been amazing.
There are things we expect, and of course the unexpected, and some little surprises that have made me smile. I just wanted to share some reflections of these past 2 weeks with you, because I know it's only the beginning of more wonderful unexpected little surprises.

Of course with being a newlywed comes with many firsts, which we are slowly discovering...

On our first trip together as husband and wife, the honeymoon, I quickly learned that my hubby is the "protector of our travel documents". I was not allowed to hold onto my own passport since I tend to lose things at the most inopportune times. It was nice to know he has things under control and I didn't have to worry about anything.

One of our first days living together, I noticed husband was using the wrong towel. There are 3 different sizes for a reason! Right? I had to explain that the small square towel was for your face ONLY, medium size is a hand towel, and of course the bath towels. We both laughed about it in the end.

And one of the things that I have loved the most, is my husband's pure and genuine love. He makes me tea at the exact time I need it without even asking me, he plays with my hair as we fall asleep, prays for me each night, and this morning I found this sweet little love note on a paper napkin when I got in the car. I didn't think I could fall any deeper in love with him, but I guess I was wrong.
P.S. Don't tell husband I showed you this ;)


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5 Responses to “A Reflection”

  1. Oh the things you will learn as a married couple. ;) Congratulations!!! xoxo A-

  2. So sweet! I remember those first few months of living together after getting married. Reading this just takes me back!



  3. Oh my gosh, you have the sweetest guy ever lol love the note!! so happy for you guys!!!


  4. Aw so cute! That note is adorable, even if it's rotated the wrong way haha. Congratulations love, glad to hear you're loving life as a married woman!

    Alexandra xo


  5. You guys are too cute. Congrats!!! And loved the smiles you shared on my post. They made my day hearing about such pure love! It's nice to know it's still out there.

    ps. You BIKE to work??? That explains your killer legs.


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