Outfit: Living Dangerously

Monday, February 6, 2012

Have you ever been walking through the mall or down the street and you can feel eyes following you? I bought these bright blue pants (they're not as bright in real life) and took them out for a test run this weekend. My fiance was a little embarrassed but he got over it. I on the other hand was a little uneasy as I was walking around the mall feeling like I had a sign over my head that said, "I am wearing bright blue pants, look at me!". I'm not a daring fashion blogger, but I'm working on it.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Did you do anything dangerous or risky?
Scarf: n/a
Jacket: Urban behaviour
Pants: American Eagle
Boots: Style Sense


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11 Responses to “Outfit: Living Dangerously”

  1. I love the blue pants! Not too bright at all.

  2. What a great look. I adore that scarf. It adds great pattern to this look.


  3. love the blue pants and houndstooth scarf, I am your newest follower, hope you'll do the same............xx


  4. I wore one pink chuck taylor and one green chuck taylor, together! lol

  5. Oh, don't worry - I don't think it's that bright! But what I really love is the scarf! Take care! Pat.

  6. i think these bright pants are just fabulous! but i understand what you mean about this whole "everyone is looking" thing. no fun!
    but you are rockin' girl, so no worries :)
    xo TJ

  7. I am loving how much of a statement that scarf makes, so pretty!

    Alexandra xo


  8. I think you are rocking the blue pants - and all those eyes watching are just jealous they could pull them off as well as you do ;)

    PS. Love the new header!


  9. I'm taking a personal risk today - I'm wearing leopard print. First time! And I have big hair today too. And yes, I feel like everyone is staring.
    Love the blue pants!


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