Farm Girl

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Growing up in the country has always been a way of life for me, and I never realized what a great place it really is. Now that I'm looking at moving closer into the big city of Toronto, I am starting to appreciate all the little things.

Beautiful sunsets... this is not photoshopped, the sky was actually purple
 Onions ready to be harvested in my backyard 

 Slugging around in my rubber boots
Tractors sitting in my driveway


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13 Responses to “Farm Girl”

  1. I'm country through and through. Actually being from the Eastern part of KY, I think we are more often referred to as hillbillies (LOL). I love all the action the city has to offer but I'll always be country in my heart. That sunset is amazing by the way :)

  2. What a gorgeous, gorgeous sky! That is definitely something Toronto lacks (well, to lift your spirits a little bit, last night was a beautiful sunset, but it's rare)

    SO great to see another Canadian blogger! Especially one from - near - the same city. Hi neighbor!

  3. soooooo cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Love this! I grew up in OKlahoma and your pictures make me miss the farm so much! :) That sunset is stunning!


  5. what beautiful photos! that sky is gorgeous! just know that you can visit the country anytime!! i love your fun pictures...the shorts and boots are a darling combo!

  6. Beautiful outfit and pics, cute shirt!

    xoxo Robine @

  7. Such cool photos! I love the country, it's just so fresh. You look adorable in your plaid and boots :)


  8. Gorgeous pics hun! You look divine : ) Happy Tuesday xx

  9. Awesome plaid shirt and gorgeous setting!


  10. wow! the sunset behind you is gorgeous and matches your top. xx

  11. You are gorgeous and so is that sunset!


  12. I love these shots - how cute are you?
    I grew up in the country as well - we had chickens and horses and every other possible pet under the sun. I live in the city now, but I love the countryside so much, if I could get a job on PEI I would be back there in a minute.


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