Travel Bag {Amsterdam, Netherlands}

Friday, May 27, 2011

I have been reminiscing on a whirlwind trip we made to Amsterdam several years ago, and thought I'd share some tips for packing a weekend bag for winter in Holland.
We visited in the off season and the canal boat taxis didn't run at that time, so we ended up walking a lot! Another great way to get around this city is biking. The bike traffic is as busy as the motor vehicle traffic, and it was wonderful to see such an active city. We visited the infamous Red Light District on the first night we were there, and it was definitely all that you would imagine... and more. We also walked through the historic Anne Frank Museum which I really enjoyed. 


Average Temperature: 5°C
What to pack in your Travel Bag:

Fall or Winter jacket (depending on the exact month)

You can also check out Andy from the Style Scrapbook blog who lives in Amsterdam and has an amazing style! Happy Travels!


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9 Responses to “Travel Bag {Amsterdam, Netherlands}”

  1. Lots and lots of dresses! :)

    Have a great long weekend!

  2. oh the city of magic canals, love it so much, it reminds me a great holiday. definitely like the pictures. : )

  3. i loveeee amsterdam! definitely one of europe's greatest gems in my opinion :-)

  4. Amsterdam is really an amazing city. So cool that you make lists for your readers so they know what to take with them. X

  5. what gorgeous photos! I have always wanted to go to amsterdam. and PS your white scarf is GORGEOUS!


  6. There is a reason why they call Amsterdam - "North Venice"!:) Lovely city!!;
    p.s. u looked so cute back then...;)

  7. I'd like to visit Amsterdam too!!!


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